Shower Warmth, Shower Kindness

  It was a long time back. I was then in a resident hostel. The first day I entered the hostel room, I instantly started searching for something. A dead rat, I was searching for, couldn’t find it. Then I put my nose on radar mode. I located the smell came from near the bed of a guy at the end of the room.

  I went to that guy’s bed. It being a presumably unpleasant or rather should I say really foul smell. I asked him if he has noted it, “what’s the smell boss, have you left something to rot?”  He didn’t reply. He didn’t even look sociable, so I left him there and sprayed liberal amount of room freshener.

  The next day there was a discussion, the guy on his adjacent bed complained to us that he smells like a skunk in the junk. We then cracked a few jokes and became friends at his expense. We used to make fun behind his back saying “run! the fish market is coming” or something like “the only time he showered was when he accidentally got caught in rain”.

   Nobody liked him because he was never sociable enough and who’ll put up with the mal-odor. After around a month one day I came to room early and there was nobody except this smelly guy. I didn’t make any noise while entering, so I was able to hear him sobbing heavily. That moment I felt an unknown pity.

  I approached him braving the odor (yes it was really bad). I asked him what the problem is. He shook it off but I can see the pain in his eyes and I was looking right at him. He broke into tears and started talking about his smell. He said it is a medical disorder, “trimethylaminuria” and he couldn’t help it.

  I felt really sorry for him at that moment and reflected upon my past and how cruel I was mocking him instead of showing compassion. We often do that, because what is more funny than misery of someone else. We are often crows feeding on wounds. I became a friend of him. He is sincere and pleasant, only not sociable because of his smell. What a handicap for him.

  I started guarding him against insult, suggested tips for combating odor. Later he was on medication and restricted diet and with the help of a spray of perfume he got rid of the smell to certain extent. Because he is compassionate and warm he easily got friends. The advantage he had over us is he knew the true nature of the people better because of ugly episodes in the past.

 I suggested him the alternate 3 minutes hot, 1 minute cold shower cycle. We were blessed with  water heaters by our hostel.  It is effective to rid the toxins in the skin and circulation. It not only gives you healthy skin but also healthy body. You may give it a try yourself.

  We are still friends. As I remember that day I consoled him,  I always wonder  how a small act of kindness could amount to such great benefit. It gave him the empathy that he needed as a boost to mingle, and for me it gave a good friend for life.

  I can’t agree more with Mother Theresa here – “Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.”


   We are capable of more than we think we are capable. Some might disagree saying they have enough insight of their strengths. But they must reconsider. Out of all the things we underrate, I think it is the self which takes the prime spot.

   Have you ever done something that made you wonder how you managed to pull it off. You then gave the credit to luck. Actually  it’s the “inner you leashed by your beliefs” , at that instance it fired up ignoring the limits you imposed.

  If you’ve been to kerala in india, you might be surprised to find giant elephants being tied by a thin rope on to a wooden pole. Hell if they wanted to they can rip the rope off or pulled the pole itself easily but they don’t. Why don’t they?

   These elephants were reared since they were young babies . When they are tied they struggle to break free but  they don’t have the needed strength then. This way they form an association that they can’t break free of the bondage.  Surprisingly this self imposed belief keeps them from trying even when they are adults.

   Even a wild carnivore when raised with herbivores from birth, will be relishing on a feast of grass. It formed a belief that it should and could only eat grass. It doesn’t know hunting’ because it never saw a demonstration and never knew what it had in it. This shows the limitations posed by environment which could be overcome only if one leaves the comfort zone and  becomes aware of the bigger world.

    You may have heard about a Japanese mother who moved away a pillar with bare hands when her baby was stuck amidst the demolition of earthquake. Now what can it be called, of course it is the strength of “mothers love”, the greatest gift to mankind. But had it been in normal circumstances she couldn’t have lifted it just off the ground, leave alone moving it all the way away. She had the strength she didn’t know, which manifested through the situational demand.

    Why do we form limiting beliefs? We might have tried and failed  once and the humiliation and disappointment keeps us from trying again. Even if we try we will give a half hearted attempt with doubt and reproduce the failure. If only we knew that failing once doesn’t amount to forever and try even harder next time, will we succeed.

    You have unknown strengths and capabilities that can be tapped if you just explore your self and brave your fears.  SO VENTURE! ADVENTURE!!

some funny ; some random, my thoughts

    1. Sharing a cigarette with your friend is a sign of real friendship because you would be saving him from half the damage.
    2. Once i waited 10 minutes to get into an elevator,  because the sign there read entry for 3 persons only, i waited for the other two to come.
    3. They say that you should use indian stuff instead of western to raise the value of rupee. after that i never used a western toilet!
    4. My friend says taj mahal is a marvel, i don’t agree with him i say taj mahal is marble.
    5. Why is light called light ? , may be because it has no mass(weight)
    6. As Helpless as a bug turned upside down.
    7. How do you prove man comes from woman . wo”man”.
    8. Who said “rolling stones” gather no mass(moss), check their subscription rates.

which according to you is the best among the sayings ?


What is good? A collective affirmation. A colored perception. Is it good what you really think is good ? Might be for you, might not be for another. The religions are best example. The so called best practices of one religion are scorned upon by another. Then is truth nothing but a derivative of a set of beliefs. Truth should be absolute right, not relative. So should be good but its not.

My question for you is pain good? No, not at all of course. It is unpleasant you might say. But do you know pain does equal amount of work for your body as pleasure does, only we look down upon it. Pain is a great boon, it is a protective mechanism. It prevents you from damaging yourself. A person who has broken arm, if has no pain would injure it more by reckless movement. It is pain that keeps it in check.

Now remember when you were young, you’ve touched something hot or sharp. It is the tinge of pain that makes you remember that you shouldn’t touch some objects and some objects are to be handled carefully. What a valuable lesson!

Now again pain is the reason for you taking back your hand or leg when a noxious stimulus is perceived. It saves you in-time from injuring yourself . The so called withdrawal reflex mechanism.

Do you want to know for sure. Check some diabetics(sugar patients), they lose touch and pain sensations in their hands and feet due to nerve damage. When they hit something they wouldn’t know and the result they hit objects again and again, injure and infect their foot and ultimately get them removed. Now do you see the practical implication.

They say that night is to emphasize day, so is pain to emphasize pleasure. I don’t even agree to the former. Night has its own reasons and purpose of existence and it doesn’t give a hell about the day.

Is fever a disease? No, it is to ease. When your body is infected by microbes your immune system fires up and fights the infection, which is best done at higher than body temperatures. That means fever is your ally. Do you regard it that way. If you do, you wouldn’t take the pill to kill it.

Now tell me what is good, what is bad. I might paraphrase Shakespeare here “Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so.” I add, don’t do superficial scanning, look for the deep meaning, then you may find if something is good.
Now is my article good or bad ? 🙂


What’s winning? Winning to me is not an achievement. It is far from that. To me winning is balance. The ability to be moderately good at everything or many things. You might say that’s easy, my apologies, I must disagree.

Have you seen people that have outperformed everyone in a particular field, the so called legends, the titans, in a particular field. Now take your focus out of that field, see other areas of their life. Successful career on one side and may be broken family on the other side, great writer who can’t utter a word when in public. Ofcourse it doesn’t apply to all.

And the more your level of academic education or excellence, the less you are complete. The reason, lack of experience with society because of brooding in the institutes. Now consider a doctor or an engineer, if you strip him off his profession what is he good at, I can bet that many can’t even lead an unhampered life atleast. I know there are people who are exceptions. iam calling them exceptions because you can count on fingers. so dear graduates, your education is not a self fulling prophecy, apart form studies, medicos please also consider dealing with bullies, engineers learn the first aid you may save a life. there are many things you can learn because you spend 1/10 th of your life there.

I say winning is not excelling in a certain field or achieving distinction. Winning is being able to perform good in your career and at the same time meeting your social responsibilities and giving yourself a little to your family. Winning is the ability of not compromising something for the sake of something else. Now do you see how difficult it is.

If you want to excel, you should. But my view is the one who is all round moderate and balanced is a winner than an outperformer in a single endeavor. You may say then we won’t have leaders, we won’t have inventors. I say we don’t need leaders in a balanced society. And invention would be a collective effort. The purpose of each individual is then served. Iam not talking about mediocrity here, iam talking about balance.

The education system should consider developing people physically and mentally strong along with being academically sound. As of now we are not anywhere near. As long as the idea of what real education doesn’t change, we won’t have winners.

To me winning is being able to lead a life that is fruitful in all aspects, personal, financial,social and familywise. I say social, not in the altruistic sense because then it would be thrown out of balance. Like I said moderate achievement in all sectors is winning. But that again is my point of view, what,s yours?



Have you ever tried finding a place for rent in the north, particularly when you are foreign, I mean from south india. South is foreign to north right?, although not literally. Even my hindi is not that good. If only they’d charge for killing a language, I will have to serve a sentence of life and afterlife for what I have done to hindi.

When you are not native to a place and you try to find a job they will ask for your local address . Then you go try finding a house they’ll ask for your job. A cycle that never ends. The only thing positive here is it is self propulsive and goes on and on, which makes it even more monstrous.

After losing half of my hair I found a job. Now iam happy, no not that I got a job, because I can atleast ascribe my receding hairline to some reason other than idiopathic(the medical world’s term for “don’t know”, “can’t say”, what a magnificient word!). I dread that word, I mean who wants uncertainity, it’s scary.

The next logical step in the programme is finding a place for rent. Now don’t ask me where I stayed all these days, I’d call you rude and nosy. I found a place for rent and through kick of luck ended up with a greedy and paranoid owner(rare combination, the little psychology I knew by watching cartoon network says paranoid fear so much that they would compromise money for security). The owner picked me up to show the flat. Mind you, if you ask him for a rent or advance bargain, he’d drop you there and then. Anyone having an I.Q. on the positive side wouln’t ask me how I knew that.

After paying rent and advance*, I was lead into a luxurious 2 BaHK flat. What’s 2 BaHK? , the 2 bedrooms are the hall and the kitchen. That too for as cheap as a trip to Singapore. Although there is no hot water facility, there is an aerobic workout facility. Yes really, the lift rarely worked and climbing five floors on stairs ensures that you are more than fit. The wash-basin is the only thing that comes to your rescue if you need an urgent leak and some’buddy’ is in the bathroom. (*to be paid before entering flat).

Here is where the condition more serious hai. The owneress(landlady) is onerous. Seriousness is her condition, her conditions are even more serious. You’ll have to fill a tenant form(I can safely call it autobiography) for submitting at a local police station along with all your proofs. At first I thought that she was applying for my passport.

As a part of visa(tenant form) to her country, although I have all the other proofs I had to get a letter from my workplace. I asked my office for an appointment letter or employee certificate. The next day a board meeting ensued to discuss what an appointment letter is. It was already a fortnight, I lost all hopes of getting the letter and then I got one. The 2 sentenced letter, I still have it and iam planning to frame it and claim a Guinness for the briefest official form.

During this entire fortnight there were on and off calls from landlady, more on than off. She would call me, ask for the letter, when I don’t answer a call, I get 5 or 6 calls from 3 different numbers. Then she resigns, calling me, and picks somebody else in the room. Always a minimum of 5 calls for anyone who doesn’t answer. I know she works at an office, telecom I guess for sure! Later I found that it was her habit that if she can’t reach one, she would eventually reach everyone and it’s not even fun. I thought the repeated warnings might be due to a technical glitch, but my efforts to find a patch weren’t successful.

Also we have daily blood donation program. The bed bugs throw a ball and have a warm red drink every night. Like aliens they come, in crops, each generation more powerful and intelligent. My only complaint about the bed bugs is how the landlady is allowing them to stay in the flat even though they are not paying rent. Then I discovered the secret analogy they are allies, one sucks money the other blood.

Luckily our owner doesn’t live next to us, otherwise god knows what might happen. And you know how it is when you have them next door. But wait, wait, the fact that you know what happens doesn’t make you god, though I stated it earlier.

What is the fastest thing in the world, light ofcourse. Ah! Mr. geek-in-the-corner I heard you saying tachyon. Both wrong. It is the call for rent. Because the former wouldn’t come before their stipulated time. Once I called on the D-day and the landlady said she cannot collect the rent that day. Come on, can’t come? not even for rent! Until that day I never believed that world would come to an end.

There was a guy in our flat who works on lego toy sets at a children school. He always carries that lego box to work. She noticed it once or twice, called us in bulk and queried if he was a terrorist! Come on if everyone carrying a box is one, we would have nurses, technicians and corporate behind bars. And how would someone kill people with toys, good god , is this “dolls” the Hollywood movie where toys kill people.

There was this another instance, when one guy who was a former tenant came for an overnight stay. Next day our paranoid called over her android like she read it in tabloid. She asked why he was staying unauthorised. How did she know in just one day, may be a secret cam or the security ma’am. I suspect the latter because of the smirk with a swinish pride on the face of security the next morning.

I don’t know why the landlady is so paranoid and insecure. Had I understood any better my name would have been Einstein. I wish giving her a 5 star might work miracles on her like it did with the grumpy boss in the ad. But the problem is, if I say I’d give a 5 star treat, she would think of a hotel first and the chocolate next. How good it would be if having a chocolate can give you as much pleasure and luxury as an expensive hotel service(I think this would be worth an advertising material, oh iam just bragging).

Finally like they say in the book secret, to get what you want, you have to visualise in full detail about what you want to get, as if you have already got it. Iam here already visualising playing tower defense in my iphone 5c encased in cygnett case. I even got itunes installed in my laptop too, the imaginary laptop that I have visualised earlier!!
A less serious and more beautiful day fellas

5 star

double edged pollution

GLOBAL COOLING, do you think i got it wrong. yep i know that there is a global warming. but there is global cooling too.

in global warming the temparatures raise as more and more pollutants accumulate and you know that it is due to prevention for heat reflection by pollutants in the air.

the global cooling is really interesting it is due to prevention of solar radiation onto earth by aerosols. 

sometimes i wonder how both happen the same time.

the global cooling can be noticed by extreme cool temperatures of metros at night. 

so please reduce polluting environment. i warn you now itself . otherwise you’ll get fried in the day and freezed in the night.

the war inside

what is the greatest war you have ever heard about ? you might have heard about a war with thousands or a millions involved .

do you know that a war goes on inside your body and the number of warriors? you’ve never seen a war that magnitude outside.

the white blood cells act as border security, internal security, industrial security, what not.

many of the soldiers die heroically, that’s what the pus is, martyr matter.

they counter act foriegn enemies called antigens and the bacteria. also they counter act internal enemies like cancer cells.

sometimes they become mad,like the armies that destroy their own civilians, they destroy bodies cells and parts. that what happens in rheumatoid arthritis and sle.

 salute the soldiers for working for you day and night

life is like an icecream

life is like an icecream . wouldn’t you believe me ?
1.Life like an icecream should be enjoyed and savoured before it melts. an icecream life has different flavours.
3.Life might be as shallow as a scoop on a cone you’d get on the roadside or may be as rich as as the chocolate and nut in nutty delight.
4.Your life depends on the mood, likewise the taste of an icecream, the same flavour is so good to taste one day and not so another day. its the mood not the flavour.
5.Love is just the scoop, so when you lose it don’t cry saying its all over. you still have life, the cone. Take another scoop or enjoy the cone.
6.You think you are so sure of icecream but not life. Though you are sure about the flavor, maybe it has staphylococcus or salmonella, so you are never sure.
7.Icecream is love when two share one, it is anger when smeared over face.
8.This article took the time of eating one icecream, which proves that icecream can be time too.
Come on look at your icecream it’s melting lick it embrace it, oh don’t embrace icecream iam talking about life there
Disclaimer: This article is written in a great hurry for the purpose of being member in indiblogger. if it didn’t taste good, i have a lot flavors in my cranial box. wait until i deliver another.
5 star